Fruit Subscription Box

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a healthy, freeze dried snack just come to your home every month?!

Introducing - Aunt Meg's Fruit Subscription Box 

Each month a box of fresh, sugar and preservative free box of freeze dried fruit will head your way! There will be a different variety every month, but you can count on:

  • Apple 
  • Berry
  • A classic favorite - Hand picked by Aunt Meg
  • A seasonal/exclusive item.

Get on the email waiting list now! We will be sending out our start date and price soon! There will be a limited availability as we learn how to scale our dream subscription box service. You WANT to be on the wait list!

Why Freeze Dried Fruit?!

Freeze dried fruit is a great choice for a healthy snack!

We tease that freeze drying is a mix of magic and science. With all of the moisture removed you are left with:

  • Light and crisp treat
  • Shelf stable - great for easy snacks, backpacking, baking....
  • Nutrient Dense
  • Paleo and whole foods friendly 
  • 97% of the nutrients retained
  • Sugar free
  • Preservative free
  • Convenient snack 
  • Just plain goodness!

Get on the waitlist today to enjoy all the benefits of Aunt Meg's freeze dried fruit!

Fruit Subscription Box

Carefully curated fruit subscription box with YOU in mind! From our family to yours!

Snack time just got easier.